Aquarius Season



January 28th - February 1st - February 10th - February 19th

Your heart has a great capacity to love, so remain who you are in spite of the endless changes and crises that cross your path. You’re also very generous, you give everything and when you pull back, you pull back completely. So build a bridge between the two and master inner discipline.


January 29th - February 2nd - February 11th - February 20th

You have a good heart and you want to change the world and you are persistent enough to do so. Your only danger is attaching yourself to the wrong person, so learn to open up a little more and trust your instincts to tell you who to love, who to help and who to leave alone. Remember to trust your inner voice and direct your obsessive nature towards something positive.


January 21st - January 30th - February 3rd - February 12th

You’re born with a great deal of strength and a strong sense of purpose. Nothing is impossible for you until you activate your strength, through learning to believe in yourself and by discovering your spiritual path. So remain modest and allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice, as you are meant to manifest something great in this world.