Cancer Season

Your World

How To Make Your World Blossom

Your world will either indulge in your weaknesses, allowing you to stay isolated or it will empower your spirit and give you...


Your World

Is There A God?

There is one universal religion - the religion of love. love your heavenly father with your whole heart and soul, love every child of god as much as ever and remember that the...


Love & Relationships

The Power Of Intimacy

Language & communication helps us create intimacy through the process of sharing our affections and through the sharing of ourselves, we learn to love and experience intimacy. So bring your feelings to...


Self Improvement

Be In Harmony With Your Spirit

When we are aligned with our spirit we will know how to use our weaknesses and strengths to our advantage, as our spirit provides us with warmth, compassion, confidence....




June 28th - July 1st - July 10th - July 19th

Align yourself with your spirit and learn how to use your weaknesses and strengths to your advantage, as you are versatile and able to adjust to any misfortune. If you lack spirit you may become lost, abandoned and wallow in your feelings when your alone. Life will only become abusive when it doesn’t reflect your inner being. Also be careful not to give too much of yourself to the wrong person.


June 29th - July 22nd - July 11th - July 20th

You are creative, unique, gifted with intuition and you wouldn’t have it any other way. However, your compassion can be so strong that you may need to remove yourself from others in order to live your own life. So use your weaknesses and wounds to heal, instead of returning to your pain and keeping it alive. Consistency of the heart is all that matters and if you don’t grow no one else will.


June 30th - July 3rd - Jule 12th - July 21st

You are in a league of your own, as you have developed your own rules, your ability to be resourceful and the confidence to do what others won’t even consider. Own your importance and when you believe in yourself, your potential will take you right to top. The only danger is that once you are up there you may begin to feel invincible, my advice is to remain humble.


July 4th - July 13th - July 22nd

Your versatility is powerful, it allows you to turn things like chaos and emotional stress into your own advantage. You are also able to wade through the emotional circumstances, make sense of it and use it for a positive end. However, which emotion will you choose on your path, compaasionate or cold-hearted? Either way value peace and allow it in your life.


June 23rd - July 5th - July 14th

You’re versatile and you are the master of everything and nothing, so don't settle for anything less than what you want. Allow your feelings to emerge and make sure you slow down. Slowing down is a necessity and set aside time to relax alone, as solitude and silence will bring about growth and understanding.  


June 24th - July 6th - July 15th

Your soul is compassionate, strong, resilient and your heart is in everything that you do. However, If you have too many boundaries, you can become cold, controlling and afraid to use your soft side because it usually uses you. If your need to give is uncontrollable, you should channel that energy into a creative endeavour, as opportunities will always come your way.


June 25th - July 7th - July 16th

You can be a strong leader but control is a constant issue, as you seek it in order to calm the chaos you struggle with inside. Being alone will give you a unique opportunity to find yourself and when you do, emerge and leave your mark on the world. Once you learn to set boundaries and say no, your fear of surrender will be conquered and life will become less isolating.


June 26th - July 8th - July 17th

If you don’t pay attention to your needs, why should anyone else. Let go and have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to and your priority as of now, is to value the process of self discovery. Understand that life is a process and that patience as well as inner questioning will bring growth into your life.


June 27th - July 9th - July 18th

You impact your environment with your charisma, compassion and patience. You know where you’re going and how to get there, as your passion and your desire to change the world is strong. The only way you will learn, is through experience, so become strong enough to stand up against the needs of others and do your own thing. You are powerful, don’t forget that.