Gemini Season

gemini girl

Gemini Girls, Why Are You So Mysterious?

You love to remain mysterious, distant and hard to reach. I guess you want someone to understand you and know every...


gemini world

Control Your World & Dont Become A Victim

Your world may demand that you use whatever is on your path for your own end and use it to your advantage. You are here...




May 28th - June 1st - June 10th - June 19th

You are charming, mysterious and good at taking advantage of any situation you come across, as you know how to use your talents and your abilities for your own end. Your soul is courageous and you are eager to change the world into a place where everyone has the freedom of choice to be who they so desire. You need to remember there is more than one way to pursue the truth and that when you meet an obstacle, its up to you to transcend it.


May 29th - June 2nd - June 11th - June 20th

You can become a great leader, as your instincts is the gift that will serve you in everything that you do. So try not to deny your emotions, as it can create physical and mental problems. You tend to protect others instead of yourself and then you get caught up in the pain from your past. However, if you are able to transcend that pain and use it to connect with the wounds of others, you will be able to help others from a position of strength.


May 21st - May 30th - June 3rd - June 12th

You are mysterious with a strong presence and you know how to take advantage of anything that comes your way, as you are capable of being a boss and you want to transcend and overcome everything you encounter. Try not to fill your life with too many tasks and responsibilities that nothing gets done. Organise your own world before you tackle everyone elses, this way you won’t lose sight of your goals.


May 22nd - June 4th- June 13th

You are gifted with a keen intelligence that will keep you constantly thinking about new ideas and changes. Try not to take on responsibility, especially if you believe that things won't get done unless you do them yourself. Set boundaries so that the energy of others is not used against you, Don’t watch what anyone else is doing, continue to do things your way even if it means walking alone. Loosen up and learn how to play with life. 


May 23rd - June 5th- June 14th

Dont feel like you are responsible for everyone in your life or you will find it difficult to make a choice because you may feel like you’re letting someone down. Dont allow anyone to use you, by learning how to say no without feeling guilty and selfish. Without a strong sense of identity, it is easy to get lost in someone else’s life. So choose one direction and one identity and you’ll find your life moving forward with amazing ease.


May 24th - June 6th - June 15th

You have the power to master your mind with ease, as you are creative and gifted with a good imagination. You also have an intuitive wisdom that will help you get to the meaning of things. Learn to set boundaries, say no, always listen to your intuition and do what you love. Once you do, your feelings, inspiration and your ability to heal will emerge.


May 25th - June 7th - June 16th

You are strong willed with a great imagination and you may demand that every little detail of life be lived perfectly. Your instincts are so important because exterior security doesn’t exist. What you need is faith and the courage to take a risk, as life is unpredictable. So be daring and try something new, It can only make you a better person.


May 26th - June 8th - June 17th

You have ability to be highly loyal and strong. However, you can become too tough on yourself and you tend to do everything the hard way, even when you don’t have to. Dont let criticism and the fear of being judged keep you from expressing yourself, ignore the opinions of others. Use your strength for yourself first, then it will be easier to see who deserves your endless support and faith.


May 27th - June 9th - June 18th

You don’t know how to give less than everything and your eager to do it all, the only problem is choosing what to focus on. You need to learn to love yourself and don’t try so hard to be the best. When you learn to pace yourself, take one step at a time, make a choice and follow it. Let the world know you are alive and resourceful.