Love or Fear? Which path will you choose to follow

Life is reduced to one choice
Live a life of Love or Fear.

Which ever one you chose will create your path with an open end.

Fear will lead you down a repetitive road, where control is the most important factor and the end is very much in view. Fear represents a straight point of view, where everything you have fought for has no meaning when the journey is over. Death is all that life has to offer, so why raise your hopes when the end offers nothing but despair?

However, love sees life as everlasting and what you have gained along the way Is yours forever, making every moment precious and filled with exciting discoveries. Love unites and brings fulfilment, it gives you courage that takes you beyond the limits set by others.

Love may be the better choice but it's not necessarily the easier. To love with strength requires discipline of the mind, body and spirit. If you have chosen fear as your path, you'll be concerned only with what others think and afraid to trust your own opinions. Don't be insecure about how people may perceive you.

So its your choice live a life of full of love or fear