Love With Your Heart & Spirit

I feel, In order for anyone to have a good relationship requires us to sacrifice our concept of independence. Compromise does not mean giving up your individuality, it means you must contain the differences of someone else.

Equality is what I seek, as I desire the perfect union and I want my soul to be uplifted and to do that, me and my partner must both value who we are. Many people look for a relationship to provide what they may think is the missing piece in their life and become obsessed with the relationship and see it as the only way to be whole.

The only problem with relationships to me, is that it provides something that we may believe is missing and when we have found what has been missing, the balance will be thrown off, as we both need to change for it to continue to work. The ability to unite without losing a sense of self is important, as we are supposed to gain from a relationship and to improve ourself within it.

Until you can embrace all of yourself, you will not have control over whom you attract. If you have repressed anger then you'll attract someone angry. If your too giving you'll attract someone selfish. Become as whole and balanced as you can and everyone else in your life will improve.