Scorpio Season



October 28th - November 1st - November 10th - November 19th

You are strong, secretive, competitive and you are capable of moulding reality to fit your needs. However, obstacles are there to hone your strength and emotions. So learn how to present your beliefs without having to alienate yourself from the world, as your environment will test exactly how far you are willing to ho, to hold on to your dreams and passion.


October 29th - November 2nd - November 11th - November 20th

You are creative, persistent, resilient and you have a unique approach to life, as you have the power to visualise and manifest your vision in the moment. However, you may need to experience your emotions allowing the highs and lows to come and go so that you can gain confidence and control in your life without losing the passion.


October 30th - November 3rd - November 12th - November 21st

When you’re ambitious, there is no limit to your desires and your belief in yourself, is what will give you the confidence. So don’t doubt your ability to do great things just because you may have experienced defeat early in your life. What you need more than anything else is faith in yourself based on actual experiences. Remember that good will conquer evil every time and understand that your soul can endure any opposition.


October 31st - November 4th - November 13th

You go through many changes and solitude is good, only if it gets you in touch with your inner being. However, you need to guard against becoming isolated and the best way to do that is by helping those who may need your support, as you are the catalyst in the lives of others. Change your thoughts and you change your world.


October 23rd - November 5th - November 14th

You have a powerful will and If you use it to direct your many talents towards your purpose or goal, you can achieve great things. You must always take responsibility for yourself and don’t allow others to be more important. Happiness, will be achieved when you detach yourself from the material things in life, otherwise possessions can control you.


October 24th - November 6th - November 15th

You know how to bring out the best in everyone, as you have the ability to change the life of those around you. However, you can be a perfectionist, seeking to improve yourself constantly and never accepting that where you are is the place to be. All you need is discipline and experience to make the world yours, so take your dreams of the future and create them in the moment by using your charm, knowledge and personality.


October 25th - November 7th - November 16th

You are gifted with a unique perspective, you also have a vision of a better tommorrow and the will & courage to make a difference in whatever you do. Just make sure you guard against deception or negative means of escape by developing boundaries. Life can be wonderful if you learn how to blend your dreams with reality.


October 26th - November 8th - November 17th

You are talented and strong, however you must learn to discern whom to have in your life and don’t surrender your power to someone else or let that person take over your life. The cycle of discontent and anger will keep growing if you don’t take back your power and follow your own vision. Always love and have faith in yourself.