Virgo Season

Self Improvement

Face Yourself

For us to see the connection between our actions and the results from them, we must take responsibility. So look yourself in the mirror and actually love who your looking at.....




I feel like the beginning of faith is a long process and if you are still wallowing in the feeling of being non-existent its time to reevaluate your life, by ...


virgo love

Virgo Love

You want to be that one special person to achieve the impossible goal, which is to be loved so deeply that the outer world doesn't exist, that all wordily....




August 28th - September 1st - September 10th - September 19th

You are able to approach a problem from many different angles, as you are an innovative thinker, you follow your own imagination and instincts and then you make the world take notice. Make sure you use your versatility, your strength and unrelenting will to overcome any opposition with ease. No challenge is too great and no obstacle is too large.


August 29th - September 22nd - September 11th - September 20th

If you keep everything inside, you may be weighed down with a hopelessness thats difficult to release, so learn to define what you really want, learn to say no and then you’ll be on your way to what your heart desires and if you long for intimacy make sure you set boundaries in order to have it.


August 30th - September 3rd - September 12th - September 21st

Your soul and spirit is strong and powerful as well as your confidence and optimism. You have endless energy, charisma and strong ideals. Pass the test of faith by believing in your talents and yourself by not letting desire keep you stuck and out of control. Experience is the best teacher, so take a step into the world and test your power.


August 31st - September 4th - September 13th - September 22nd

Your sense of isolation is the only thing that can hold you back, so learn to say no instead of withdrawing yourself from the world for protection. You must always remain true to who you are and don’t give away your identity for the approval of others or be a rebel who creates disharmony just to maintain a sense of self. Know your limits and keep on course of your goal that you desire most.


August 23rd - September 5th - September 14th

Don’t let your overwhelming life or let your perfectionistic nature prevent you from even attempting to try to live out your desires. Harness your versatility into one goal and balance your personal needs with your desire to help others. When you direct your will and talents toward something you believe in, no one can stand in your way.  


August 24th - September 6th - September 15th

Your soul is special and you have the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, as your adaptability allows you to go to places where others can’t. However, your need to please could be a problem, particularly if you don’t have a clear picture of your identity. Inner discipline is important and you must learn how to say no.


August 25th - September 7th - September 16th

You’re driven to accomplish your ideals and nothing can stand in your way. The only danger is that you can give all your power away to someone you believe is stronger and more perfect, just know that there is no such person. Don’t give away your control or else you will be a victim of someone ruthless. Set your boundaries and have a belief in something more than yourself.


August 26th - September 8th - September 17th

Strength, courage and hard work comes easy for you, you easily take on tasks that others can’t handle and you do it with ease, as you have the ability to be tough, strong and determined. Just make sure you learn to balance your responsibilities, trust your instincts and look within for all answers.


August 27th - September 9th - September 18th

Your strong, determined and you have a strong will that doesn’t allow other peoples limitations or morals to get in your way. The power of your presence is overwhelming and if you lack self confidence, others may overwhelm you. You know how to get things done better and faster than anyone else, just remember that patience and self discipline is key.